Chapter 39 ~ “There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” Part Two

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back    to you when you have forgotten the words.”


In chapter 32, I shared about all the wonderful new friends we met  during our stay at Vito’s and Lillian’s home in Bethany beach, as well as a few we met even earlier as we had stayed with Tina and Mark for 3 months and visited them quite often while living in South Carolina.  As we moved into our new house, nestled deep within our  historic and enchanting city,  we began to meet more and more people who became a part of our amazing and blessed Christian family. I wanted to share these lovely friends who joined us later with you as they will be apart of “Our journey,” as I continue to write. They too are camera shy, (well some of them anyway, :- )   so that is why I chose to use animals and their unique characters to symbolize our new precious friends.

newfoundland 500Meet  Gavin. :-L  We met Gavin and his wife Nikki one night at a gathering at Tina’s… Have you ever witnessed the HUGE heart and loving spirit that abides in the precious breed of a Newfoundland?  I liken Gavin to this breed as it reflects his character perfectly.  Gavin was the most happy, encouraging, loving man …a man who loved the Lord with all  his heart  and  loved and served  others at  every chance… Gavin was not only a gentleman but but a gentle  man  in his  spirit and  heart.   He  was  a caretaker and quite the comic, always making us smile and laugh. He would do anything for anyone and we were so very honored that the Lord brought him into our lives.


squirrelGavin’s beautiful wife Nikki. I chose the intelligent, gentle,  inquisitive  ‘squirrel’  for Nikki  as  her personality and character mirror these qualities perfectly. She loves Jesus deeply, (I  think  that  in every story of her life that  she shared with us,  there was not  a one that didn’t include  His name at least twenty times.) :-L    Nikki was an  extraordinary woman of God , her heart was to serve others, bringing plenty of smiles , love and laughter to us all.

eagle111The next couple we met through Tina was James and his lovely wife Scarlet, both very seasoned in in the Lord.  The bald eagle, a strong and revered bird, soaring high in the heavens and when he lights upon the fields, spreading his wings, he is a wonderment to behold. James was the very same way. He spent a lot of time in the presence of the Lord and when around  him,  though  a  quiet man, he  was  very powerful in the Lord with a pure and noble spirit.


Scarlet , I likened to the stunning peacock as every time she entered a room, she was arrayed  in bright colored , beautiful clothes accompanied by a bubbly, loving personality. She gave big hugs, was an amazingly  gifted   prophet,  equipped  with encouragement and wisdom. She  adored her husband James as well as possessed a deep love and devotion to the Lord. She was a unique and very much loved by us all.


One of our closest friends of all is Ellie. Not only a beautiful woman on  the  inside  and out, but  our adopted ‘Mom.’ (I don’t knew who adopted who.)  :-L  She is fun loving, loves to travel, and is a  master chef in the kitchen. Ellie was definitely a caretaker of all  those  she loved  and her faith  in  God…very contagious. God  has truly blessed Kit and I with her love and fellowship right from the beginning.



Talk about a person with a  notable, profound  faith and  a heart and spirit that hears directly from the Lord, Rachael is one of the most unique and inspiring Christians I have ever met. With her heart of gold, strength in the Lord, heartwarming smiles listening ear and godly counsel , we were all so honored to know her. Not only a mighty prayer warrior, she brought to us all, laughter and smiles. :-


St. Bernard

Rachael’s husband and her best friend, Ellis reminds me in his character of the renowned St. Bernard because of his love and faithfulness to God,  family and friends. If ever their was a brother in the Lord to call upon for help, it is him. He would give you the shirt off his back. He adores his family, Jesus and is a man of honor and integrity.


And last but certainly not least,  :-) , their son Joshua is one of the most intelligent, loving and dedicated young men to the Lord that I have yet to meet and get to know.   His relationship with Jesus began when he was a little boy.   It was so wonderful to know a teenager who is so Godly, always desiring to share in all of our talks about the Lord. His prayers for you were definitely heard. He impressed kit and I tremendously and just being around him was always a blessing. I cant wait to see the ministry the Lord has in store for him.


Psalms 133 ; 1 &2

Behold how good and how pleasant it is, For brethren to dwell together in UNITY, It is like the precious oil upon the head, Running down on the beard, The beard of Aaron, Running down on the edge of his garments. ” 


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