Chapter 41- I never knew what the word Bittersweet really meant. (And I am not “talkin about” chocolate.)


Perhaps the  Fall  days  are not  as cheerful  and  genial  as  those  of  summer  and springtime, yet the doldrums that tarry  around them, quickly disappear as Autumn begins to burst  with it’s baronial  splendor.   In everything  that is united with this glorious season,  there dallies a flourishing beauty, an unanticipated swaying that enters and captivates the soul with its majestic power. ”



moonBlessed Autumn! That wondrous time of the year where we have a wealth of new sights, smells and tastes to ENJOY!  What a GIFT God has given us! One of my  favorite bestowals of this wondrous season is enjoying the breathtaking Harvest full moon, with its splendor and gallant presence as it illuminates the night sky and brings to the evening, an ambiance of  tranquility and awe. I will always remember one special evening in which the full  moon’s appearance  began it’s whimsical , “can’t be missed,” show with its galvanizing and sublime, rich glow. Surrounding its incandescent light, was a magical canopy of stars draped against the dusky sky, flirtatiously twinkling, livening up the heavens glorious presentation. Suddenly, unannounced and unexpected, ( especially since it was the enchanting time of the day known as ” the gloaming hour,” where the sun begins its descent, making way for the evenings arrival,)  a thick, pearly gray mist began to roll in (almost in slow motion,)  creeping through the foot of  the sylvan woods and undomesticated meadow  in our back yard. As it made its way to the front of our home, fogpinterestthe streetlights and neighboring homes were partially cloaked in a veil of haze  as  it  alluringly  clouded  the once  clear  air, transforming  our  street into  a vision of  engaging silhouettes against a blanket of mist, where the  familiar sights of our neighborhood lay almost hidden. (Mind you, there  were  no  clouds  in  the  sky, it  was  an exceptionally clear evening with only the lights of the moon and stars radiating within  the heavens.) As the three of us sat  together  on  this chilly  night upon our porch, with front row seats, (free of charge, )  to  Gods  magnificent display of  His creativity, we thanked Him for bringing us  these  wondrous moments in time, allowing us to partake in His handiwork. In our hearts, we felt a warm assurance of His love and joy in  sharing  this beauty  with  us and  were reminded  of the  abundance  of gifts He bestows to all of us, His kids, every single day.

bluesIn  our neighboring state, Cape  May  New Jersey, residents there will tell you they ‘win the contest’ when it  comes to migrating birds during  the fall  season.    In Delaware, we are blessed  with  the  breathtaking cardinals, (their song being  one of the  first we hear in the morning,)  perky  blue Jays,  gentle,  riveting and peaceful  turtledoves, antisocial yet eminently entrancing woodpeckers and of course the  very intelligent  crows, ( with  their  loud,  harsh “caw”.) Its the season where  all shapes, sizes  and  colors  of  pumpkins  and  gourds  grace  our homes as well as the flamboyant   bursting   mums  that  brighten   our   front porches.    The sundry of scarecrows is amazing, as you  view  the  ones your neighbors have bought from  the Super*Walmart  store and then you see a  myriad of homemade scarecrows that are are “showoffs” to much talent and creativity. :-L     There is nothing  like  the  sound   of  newly  fallen   leaves  crunching  scbeneath  your  feet, the aroma of freshly cut wood kindling in the fireplaces  and  the joy  of  collecting  acorns in the sylvan, not quite barren  woods.   (Just make  sure they don’t  have worms  secretly  hiding inside their alluring armor.) :-     All kidding aside, one time , my cousin Mike  and I collected  a  large bag of acorns while I was visiting South Carolina. I wanted to take back a ‘little bit’ of the east coast to California to share with my preschool kids.   After our take off , about 20 minutes into our flight, I began to hear something move inside my carry on bag. When I looked in the plastic bag I saw something moving.  The word daunting does not even begin to express what I was feeling. They were worms, (lots of worms) , crawling out of all my beautiful acorns.    I am telling you, it reminded me of a scene in a  horror movie.) :-|     Thankfully, the stewardess took my once treasured bag and  through them away for me. Who knew?  :-B  moon3 pinterestThe invigorating,  brisk weather is  welcoming  as  it motivates us to open our cedar chests and bring out an entirely new wardrobe.     (It  almost feels like Christmas as we forgot we had so many  soft, warm sweaters, our favored  tailored  wool coat,  knitted hats, (our grandmothers made for us)   and   our pair of comfy, cozy suede boots that we had packed away the year before.)     I  love hearing the  Canadian  geese that  gallantly  cruise  over our home  by  the  woods  with their unique ,  warming symphony , reminding me that before we know it, they will be migrating as winter will soon be upon us. When all is quiet, its quite a calming and peaceful  sound  as we listen  to the  gentle fall breeze blow  upon the fallen leaves, often times creating a miniature whirlwind, (reminding us  of  a  tiny tornado.)  There is nothing like the  fragrances  wafting through our homes straight from the kitchen…apple cobbler, pumpkin pie with a hint of fresh cinnamon and nutmeg or hot mulled cider,  patiently brewing upon the stove. Autumn is certainly  a season that speaks for itself!


Lets  just  say  that  if the  seasons  of  Autumn  and Winter, (with  its  infamous , magical gift of  Christmas,)  were  the   last   two contestants  standing  up  on  the  stage  of  a competition show, (such as American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, or The Miss USA pageant,)   and I had to choose the winner, I’d secretly vote  on my ballet, for a tie.  I am sorry , but I just can not decide which time of the year brings more joy, creativity and fun! :-W

As you all by know by now in this treatise I am writing, I absolutely adore Fall and thank God all the time for creating such a wondrous, amazing season . Perhaps it is because I am a fall baby…(It  has  been  said  that your  favorite season  is the  very  one  you were born in.) I have not tested that  theory out thoroughly,  but  in many  cases,  with  people I know, it has proven to be true. 

ha3Our little haven had already been embellishedmorning501 to the hilt…( In  our home, that  is  completed  by mid  September.) I had more fun decorating ,  finding just  the  right  pumpkins and candles to create an enchanting  and   cozy ambiance . Kit would get so excited  to  see  all  the Autumn  tablescapes  as well  as  guessing  which garnitures  I had put up that day…  (Or else he was pretending! ) :-B  To make  the season  even more magical, we got a call from my younger brother Patrick in California.  He  called  to  ask  us if we could meet He and Chris for Thanksgiving, (and you wont believe where…)  Mystic Connecticut !!    (Did I forget to mention it was all expenses paid? ) :-BigGrin My heart was beating so fast…We had not been to Mystic  or  Connecticut  for  at least  3 and  1/2 years… My mind was preoccupied for days . I was filled with excitement, enthusiasm as well  as an  unexpected passion  inside to revisit the place where God had called us to go years before and all that we experienced  WITH HIM during our stays. This was totally unplanned… how I got anything done in those next few days , I have no clue.  :-WE  graham100001   It was not only returning to this beautiful area that engaged my every thought,  I was  in  seventh  heaven just thinking about seeing Patrick again.   Not  only  do I love  him with  all my heart but he is one of my  very   best  friends  in all the world.    We have  the  best times together, and  ALWAYS cry  when  we  have to  say  goodbye.    OK, mostly I CRY, but it is hard for both  of  us as we have been living on  different  sides   of   the  United   states for 15 years consecutively. (Our   visits  are a number one  priority  to   Kit  and I.)      And need  I  say   that  Grantham absolutely adores Patrick as well. He loves Chris to , but A1Pat is one of his all time favorites. Kit and I, wanting to go so badly to  see  Pat  and Chris,  take  a  vacation  and enjoy a  much needed,  rejuvenating  getaway,  felt  to  go  before  the Lord and make sure it was OK with Him. Well, we got a big “YES” and  began  preparing  to take our trip  to  New   England,  though  we  had  a few weeks  before we’d be departing.   We  knew  that  New England would be absolutely breathtaking this time of year and were so excited to watch  Pat  and Chris take it all in. ( Southern California has an abundance of beauty to behold, but  they do not get to enjoy the autumn season and the gorgeous , kaleidoscopic  fall  foliage that the east coast is so blessed with each year.)

The weeks passed quickly, the house was clean,  laundry  done,  our clothes  for the trip washed and ready to go,etc…(Are  you  the kind of person, (like me)   that always cleans their home before leaving on a trip so that when you get back, it’s already done and you can relax and enjoy the season one last time?)  :-BigGrin   We talked with Tina and Mark and they were more than happy to take care of Graham while we were gone. Tina  knew  how  much this trip  meant to  both Kit and  I and she  was  so excited  we  were  going.handmaid51     The hardest part for Kit and I in going on this trip  was  saying our goodbyes  to Graham. :-(   Its so funny as whenever we would  take our suitcases  out  of  the  closet and Graham saw  them, we  did  not  even  have   to   say a word….he  would  leave  the room, head  out  to the living room  then  park  his  (little) BIG  self by  the  door  and  pout. We  always   give him extra treats,  lots of hugs and  when we ask  him  to watch over  the house  while we’re  gone, it  always  makes  him feel so  much better.  (He  believes he is  on  a special mission.)  :-)     We must have called  Tina  15 times in  3 days  just to see how  Grantham  was  doing.    She always assured us that  he loved   staying at  their house, hanging  out  with  his  girlfriend McPherson and adored being with the family.    She was so cute, she would walk him  over  to our  house  and show  him each  day that we  still were not home, but  would always console him that we’d be home VERY SOON.

starbuckOur drive up to  Connecticut  was a  time  of  heightened emotions. A mixture of felicity and bliss, yet accompanied by a renewed longing  inside with a bit of anxiety. Kit and I always  took  our driving   break at  the  Rest stop in New Jersey where we would get  a Cinnabon  and a  latte from Star-bucks coffee. (Not  the healthiest  snack  but hey, we were on a road trip.) :-)    As we continued  our  drive, our excitement grew as we reminisced about our very first visit to this riveting land by the sea.   We both were wondering what God was up to in sending us back at this time. at1  We  thought about all the things we   would do   when   we  arrived   and   what adventures the Lord had in store for us. Our jeep felt empty without you know who in the back seat, laying atop his snug bed.  :-W    This trip  was  a  little different as we got lost. (You know how Map Quest goes.)  :-B  Kit had a GP in the car but it seemed to steer us the  wrong way as well. New York  was  one of  our favorite  places  to  drive through. Our route took us through beautiful rivers, parks, estates and viewing them  all in the Autumn  season was  breathtaking. Suddenly,  we bronxrealized  we  were headed in the wrong direction and found a toll booth, (which  did  not  even  charge us, knowing  we  were lost,)  but  happily gave  us  directions  on  how  to return to the road we needed to be on. Well, she was “lost” herself  because  we  ended  up  in  the  Bronx.  (Definitively not  as scenic as our normal  route, as I felt a bit intimidated, never having been there before, but it was very informative and pleasurably broadened my perspective of how there are so many variations of what  people know and love as  “home sweet home.” (Sometimes getting lost is a good thing!)  :-0 It took us awhile and talking to a few people before we finally were able to find our way .We figured, we’d be an hour late in meeting Patrick and Chris. Thank goodness for cell phones… :-OS

One of my all time favorite parts of the drive, ( definitely not the bridges :-B ) was when we crossed over  the  Connecticut state line and after a short while,  as I Iooked over  to my right, I saw the most intriguing inlet water ways with homes scattered throughout  the rich verdant green trees, boats docked on the calm water and  all  we could see as the dusk  was slowly  making  its arrival, were the tiny,  glimmering  lightspint3  within  the  cottage   homes.  I  would   always  wonder  what  the  families  were doing inside…talking  around the fire,  eating  dinner, watching  a movie  or  perhaps  a little night fishing. It reminded   me   of  a  scene   from  Disneyland’s  renowned “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride…   very  enchanting ,  alluring   and   eminently comforting.  We had  already  fallen in love  with  this  remarkable  City  with  all of its romantic  waterways, rivers, and of course the galvanizing  Atlantic ocean.

pintThe closer  we got to  the Mystic  River Bascule Bridge, (our meeting place to see Pat and Chris,) my  stomach  was filled  with  fluttering butterflies, and  I had goosey-bumps…(As Jennifer Lopez on American idol would call them.)  :-BigGrin ( I think that  is known as   incredible  excitement.) Driving down  main  street, seeing all  the beautiful quaint historic homes,  the old churches that carried many wonderful  stories, the voluminous  trees  bedecked with a bountiful sundry  of  autumn  leaves in  bright sunflower  yellows,  fiery  oranges  and  hints  of charismatic reds  was  most  definitely  a   Kodak moment. ( But no need to get out  the camera quite  yet, as  we  knew  Mystic  was  filled with hundreds of homes just as beautiful and enchanting.)


bridgemysticWe finally arrived to the large grassy knoll  along  side  the  Mystic  River Bascule  bridge.   As  I  saw Patrick get out of the car, I ran over to  give  him  a big  hug. It  was so good to see him and magical to me that he  was  actually in Mystic, the place he supported us in all the months  we were  there  and  had  heard  so much about.     It was wonderful  to see  Chris as well.  They both  looked so good!     We decided  that before going  to  Stonington   to   have  dinner   at  our favorite eatery upon the water, we would drive over to  the  neighborhood the home  we  loved  resided in. As  they followed  us  over  and  we  parked, walking in  the brisk  air as  the impressive  hour of dusk  was slowly approaching, (one of my favorite times  of the day,) we could not stop oohing and awing  at all the gorgeous homes.  Suddenly, when we arrived to the particular home Kit and I had fallen in love with, with big smiles upon their faces,  Patrick told us; stargraham“As we were  waiting  for  you  and  Kit  to arrive, we  drove over  and  walked through this area and as soon as we saw  the  historic , large  white home with its  quaint   shutters  and   the cobblestone fence nestled upon the Mystic River, ‘WE KNEW” it was the  one! The entire village by the water was stunning,  enthralling and 5-star.  All dream homes! :-0

stoningtonCTWe drove over to Stonington, (another charming and junoesque  seaskippersdock port town that we I fell in love with while in New England.) It was the  place  Kit  and I heard the Lords voice talking to us about the house  on  Star  Road while on our first trip to Connecticut four  years earlier in October.    (I had called a few days before we were going to dine at the Skippers Dock  and asked for a table with a view of the ocean as well as their romantic and inviting fireplace.) Upon our arrival, with its  fresh  wood kindling, not only  warming  our bodies  on this  chilly  fall evening, but it  was  augustly  soothing  and comforting to our souls as we sat,long2 laughed, talked and enjoyed the most delicious fresh seafood. Our table was perfect! Patrick, (wine connoisseur that he is,)  ordered a  fine wine,  almost as if he knew exactly what we were all going to order as it was a robust, award wining wine  and was complimentary to each of our meals.    With such scrumptious  choices  of  their  infamous  lobster  sandwich,  lump  Maryland  crab-cakes,  Bouillabaisse  Harbor-view local  seafood, scallops, shrimp, cod,  tomato  fennel  saffron broth and Broiled Stonington Scallop Casserole, it was hard to choose.   The candle lit tables, blazing fire,  ocean view as  well  as the  delightful scenery  oflongI  Long  Island  in the  distance, accompanied  by  the superb, savory  entrees  along  with  one  another’s   fellowship  was  a  night  to remember, FOREVER! It was one of those unique stretches of time  where you wish  you  could  capture every thought, smile, taste and   moments of laughter accompanied by an eminently  tranquil   peace  that flooded your heart and place it within a bottle  and  open it at  times later  in your  life  when you needed to  remember  the magic  of those moments in time that forever would be cherished.  :-L Pure BLISS!


foxwoodsAfter our  wondrous regale in Stonington we followed Pat and Chris to our home for the next few days… The  beautiful , very  impressive Foxwoods Resort on the Mashantucket  Pequot Indian  reservation,  about 20  minutes  from Mystic.    Upon arrival,  before  us  was  an enchanting  fortress,  alight  with  thousands upon thousand of bright lights…reminding me of the  magical castles  at Disneyland. As we entered the resort, we were all pleasantly surprised, (even though it was the eve before Thanksgiving day, )  that the hotel had already started its celebration of the holidays  as it  was classically  embellished with  a myriad  of  themed  Christmas  trees in a brilliant, incandescent   kaleidescope   of  colors.    We  had  entered a  respite  ensconced in luxurious  surroundings,  creating  within  each  guest  a sense of  awe  accompanied with wonderment. (Some believe that “less is more,” but I  definitely agreed  with this dramatically bedecked Resorts decorator’s…More is More.” :-L )     We felt  pampered , treated  like  royalty  and  were  surrounded  by a grand  convivial spirit that created a  cozy feeling  of  warmth and joy within.   Truly, Foxwoods did everything first class and we felt so very blessed to be treated to such a fabulous get-a-way.

foxwoods5 foxwoods christmas lobby2 lobby

When we opened the door to our suite, Kit and I were both in awe. I thought it would be a bedroom and bath,  but it  was  accompanied by  a  charming kitchen , a resplendent  sitting  area  with a cable TV,  a spacious yet cozy  bedroom with an over-sized jacuzzi bathtub. (I knew where I’d be spending all my time. ) :-W   There sitting on the bed was an  adorable  teddy bear (to add to my collection,)  and a  box of See’s chocolates from California.   (Kits and my favorite chocolates in all the world.)   :-BigGrin   Pat and Chris were so very thoughtful.    Their suite was right across the hall, a “ditto ” of ours. We all gave each other big hugs…(I wanted to get in that tub), said Thank you about ten times and planned to meet in the morning for breakfast in their suite .     Kit and I truly felt so pampered, and welcomed… It was most definitely an evening we both  will always hold close in our hearts.

patsbear suitefoxwoodsbath200

Okay, before  I get to  Thanksgiving  day, I have  to tell  you  the story  of  the “Jacuzzi Bathtub” experience. :-L I wish there had been a set of directions of how much bubble bath  to  put in  this King-size tub with its  many jets. I poured in ‘way to much’ creating the bubbles to overflow over the tub and all over the beautifully tiled floor. (oops!)  :-B It really was a hilarious moment worth capturing in a photo!    We laughed as we tried so hard  to clean up all bubbles…we ran out of towels so we had to wait for house cleaning to bring more.


Our breakfast with Patrick and Chris was first class, as everything at Foxwoods resort was.  It seemed so surreal to Kit and I being with two of our favorite people enjoying a bounty of  beauty   and splendor all around  us at  such a festive time of year in a state we adored.     (I had to laugh at Patrick…he is the brother in all my other chapters that loves pastries and going to coffee bars …it was a hoot to watch him eat breakfast, he had not changed one bit, as he enjoyed many a sweet confection on all of our breakfast trays. ) :-BigGrin

Our holiday consisted of touring the resort, popping into  a melange  of charming shops and stopping for a light snack as we were saving up for our Thanksgiving meal. Kit and I  could   feel the presence  and joy of the Lord  the entire day,  not wanting our time at Foxwoods to  end .     We  all  took a  quick break  to  our suites to  freshen  up  for our dinner…   Yes, I  took  another jacuzzi  bath, this  time  there  was  a little less cascade of  bubbles, though we still needed housecleaning.  (I was learning. )  :-BigGrin

Thanksgiving22We  found  the  perfect  place  in the  downtown plaza for our celebration dinner. Not only did this eatery possess an eminently cozy ambiance but the abundance of ambrosial aromas beckoned each  of  its guests  with  the  promise  of an amazing and blithesome Thanksgiving buffet…It was a feast before our eyes, we did not even know where to start filling our plates as there were so many choices. I believe they covered every type of cuisine possible. Of course they  offered  the  traditional  roasted turkey,  gravy, mashed  potatoes,  green  bean casserole,  sweet potato soufflé,  stuffing and pumpkin pie,  (which  we all  had small portions of , hoping to still be able to enjoy the other entrees. )    There was gourmet Chinese and Japanese food, Spicy Italian, savory Southwestern, Vegetarian dishes, fresh, decadent seafood entrees along with a variety of home baked breads and their ‘sweet indulgences’ were beyond any brunch or buffet dinner Kit and I had ever been to. I was so full  I  could  barely eat  another bite, but  we  still  each  chose  different deserts  to  bring back  to the table to  share with one another.     After  a few cups of freshly brewed coffee, and  sitting  for awhile, we  decided to  take  another long walk around the resort.   I have to say this was by far the best Thanksgiving dinner we had ever had… Except for my moms Turkey dinner , (with all the fixings,) as I was growing up.


I cant leave out the sweet confections!


As we walked all our calories off…(HA!, like that could ever happen,) our talking was endless…there were no quiet moments.   We decided to stop for a glass of fine wine… ( and yes, Patrick  picked it out for us.)  The place we chose was absolpubutely perfect  as it was quiet, uncrowded and  very cozy with an ambiance that  was  inviting,  welcoming  and regal.    It still felt copiously surreal as we sat together for hours, sipping our wine, sharing stories from the past, plans for our futures and our excitement  about  the  upcoming  Christmas season.


thanksgiving23Our evening ended at the renowned Foxwoods casino. Chris  gave  us each  some  cash to play some of the slot machines…no we did not make any money as Kit and I had  never gambled,  but  it  was  fun  trying. I hated the night to end as we knew Pat and Chris were leaving for  their  flight to  the  west coast the next day and we would be headed back to Delaware.    (Little did we know  they had paid for Kit and I to  stay  an extra day and night to have some time to ourselves.)  Not many people  come as thoughtful and generous as these two.  :-S

goodbye-pinterestThe  next  morning  we met  them  in their suite once again for a delicious breakfast. We were all trying to avoid the inevitable. No one wanted to say goodbye and  it was  extremely  difficult  as  we  did not know when  we  would see  them again.    We stalled for as long as we  could and  then gave  each  other several hugs,and said our goodbyes.  There were some tears and many a “thank you” for all they had done.

So far, I have shared the “SWEET.”  We thanked God for all the magnificent times we shared with Pat and Chris, all the laughter, shared stories and memories, delicious food , jacuzzi baths and we laughed so hard thinking about our “gambling night,” as Pat,  kit and I lost all our money while  Chris kept winning!

stonington lhAt first Kit and I were excited to have the day, evening and next morning alone together as we planned to retrace all our steps from 4 years earlier.     We went for a latte at our favorite  coffee  pub  in Mystic, drove  by the house again, visited the shops downtown, the Mystic River , Stonington and Noank, (one of our favorite places next to Mystic.)  We stopped and got a bite to eat  at a restaurant that was still there that we loved as we continued our day .    Besides missing  Patrick  and Chris,  as the  day went on, Kit and I began feeling somewhat of an emptiness within.  It was as if the anointing from the Lord  we had felt years before in Connecticut was no longer present. Instead  was a vacant, void  feeling within our hearts as we visited each once familiar place.   The town had changed quite a bit in our absence.    Many of the shops we loved and remembered were no longer there. There were no  signs that the house  was going to  come up for sale as we drove by, noticing the owners  had  made lovely  changes to their  beautiful abode nestled upon the River. Kit and I knew that as believers, the Lord tells us not to go by our  feelings or by what we SEE, but instead to pray and trust  Him  with  all of our  hearts and to walk by faith and not by sight…we made a conscious decision to do just that.  I think the reason we loved Mystic so much was because of God…He had  walked and talked with us when we were there in faith  years before and His presence was so strong, we could feel His joy and smiles…at this time, we felt nothing.    Our expectations had been to re-experience what we did when we first journeyed to Connecticut, when the Lord  had revealed all  that He did when He led us to this enchanting city.

We cut our day short and headed back to the resort. My heart ached for Kit as he was intensely  under attack spiritually with  a sundry of doubts , wondering  if we  had misheard  God, along with  thoughts  if our entire time in  Connecticut  was truly  of God  in the way we had thought it all meant.  (Its amazing to me at times how the enemy knows how to use our emotions to bring doubt to what at one time, we knew was God 100%.)   We tried to  make  the best  of the rest of our stay… we spent time praying, putting our doubts and questions before the Lord, knowing He knew exactly what He was doing and our every needfailnotpinterest We  decided to eat in as Chris had  paid ahead  for us to  rent a movie on cable  that  evening.     The Lord heard our prayers and our spirits lifted (a little) :-W as we walked down to the plaza,  looking  for a place to get some dinner to bring back to our suite. Getting out of our room  for  awhile was good for us…how could we not feel better with all the beauty of Christmas that surrounded us as we walked and talked, (along with the Lords work within our hearts and emotions.)

We chose Fudruckers… yes, what is better as a comfort food than cheeseburgers and fries? :-L  We built our burgers and looked forward to relaxing in our suite , watching one of our favorite movies of the sagas of Jason Bourne.    With our glass of wine, candles lit, feet up, both of our  pulses normal and the thought of seeing  Grantham the next day,  :-) our last  evening in Connecticut was blessed.  Did I dare take another bubble jacuzzi bath? :-B

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast in our room, packed up and headed out a little early…(we missed Grantham so  much and could hardly wait to see him and get back to our cozy abode. ) During our 6 hour drive back to Delaware, we enjoyed the blessing of a gorgeous sunny day, blue  skies  and once again seeing all of the  alluring seaports as well as the  fading, but still  soothing colors of the autumn season, (even though the Winter equinox had already arrived.) treelights ridesKit and I saw an abundance of Christmas decorations , listened to one of our favorite Christmas CD’s, Mannheim Steamroller and talked about what we were both thinking. “Why did God bring us back to mystic four years later? ” Yes, we had a wonderful time with Patrick and Chris… the entire time with them was magical. We enjoyed showing them around the area we had believed for, (and they had only heard about years before.) We wondered if it could possibly be a test of our faith from the Lord, or that He just wanted to bless us and what we were feeling was  an attack from  the enemy  because  we could not feel or see anything happening in what we were called to hope for.    Kit and I  both agreed that  God desired to  create  a new faith  and strength  within our  spirits through this  trip.  We asked God all about our “WHY’S” and though He did not give us  an  answer  that  afternoon  as we  drove home, what  He did  do was give us His peace.     The  quietude and repose we  felt  accompanied  with our  excitement  to  see Grahammy, plus  a quick  stop for  our road trip treat at  McDonald’s  before the Bay Bridge, (another one of our stomping grounds,)  we were feeling much better.

~And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.~ What a beautiful promise God has given us in this passage of His word.

graham7027Before we knew it, we arrived to our ” home sweet home.”     Tina  had  already  brought Graham back to the house and talk about excited , happy and beside himself, Graham acted as if we had been gone a month.    He could not stop running back and forth to Kit and I, wagging his tail, (in triple mode,) :-S  giving us lots of kisses and of course reminding us that it was  his  dinner  time.   It  felt  good to unpack,  make a pot of coffee and be with our little (BIG ) guy…. Kit and I truly were at peace with it all and knew that if the Lord wanted to tell us about why  He  gave  us  this time in  Mystic  and answer  our questions, He would, otherwise, the peace He gave us was enough to continue  to stand on  all that He had  done and spoken to us over the years, as God  gave us  once again  the measure of faith we needed to continue on our journey even in the things we did not  understand.   Romans 4:21; ” and being  fully  assured  that  what  God had promised, He was able also to perform.” We truly were once again assured! :-)

I could hardly wait for the next day to begin bedecking our home with Christmas cheer. Kit and I missed not having all the Thanksgiving  leftovers  for snacking, meals and of course  a  big pot of  Turkey  soup, but  we  would  not  have  traded  the wondrous Thanksgiving dinner  we shared in  Connecticut  with people  so  dear  to our hearts.


Our Christmas season  was blessed  with a collage  of joyous  gatherings  with friends, Christmas  dinner  with Tina, Mark  and  the  family, Holiday  movies, shopping  at  the beach outlets,  listening to Christmas carols, enjoying the alluring scents of the season,  whether with our delightful Yankee candles, (  “Home for the Holidays,” and “Christmas wreath,”)  or the delicious aromas of sugar cookies and sour cream coffee cake delightfully wafting from our kitchen oven.   We enjoyed  an  abundance of  calls from our friends and family in California,   South Carolina and Oklahoma.   The year ended in a great peace, joy and  pure  contentment. Kit and I  were back in our place of complete faith in God’s call and  promises  to  us  as  He confirmed  His  word  to us and  took away any doubts, confusion or emptiness we had experienced the month before on our trip.  As we drank our eggnog topped with real whipped cream,( it truly is the only way to serve it,) :-OS   we reveled in our wonderful memories of the  treasured  times  we spent at Foxwoods with our two favorite hosts.     I love how  God is so thorough and meets our every need, (In His way and time,)  just as His word says.

As believers, (especially when the Lord is working on changing and strengthening our faith and trust in HIM,) we  all have  the mix of bitter with the sweet…The challenges God puts us through are always  uncomfortable  as  we struggle  with  what He has spoken to our hearts and  what  things look like in our humanness. Knowing that the “word of the Lord” is always tested,  the more  we walk  in faith  and  not sight, we will have our times of angst, the battle to fight in the spirit against the lies of the enemy and our doubts at times.    Our promises though , are already completed in Jesus, (God sees  them as  finished, )  even when  they do not  happen in a time we  believed they would .     BUT, there is  always the sweet…. the  cherished, amicable,  kind and LOVING acts of God that help us in our times of doubt and challenge.   God calls us to think  upon  all the things  He has already done  in our past  with all  of His miracles and breakthroughs, promises  that  already have come about, and  His glorious  gifts along the way as we grow.  Gifts  from  Him such as  His peace, His precious  presence,  an unexpected token or card of encouragement in the mail, a surprise  phone  call from a friend to cheer us up or waking up and knowing He has taken a once heavy burden off of our shoulders,  replacing it with  a new measure of  faith  along with a new freedom, joy and peace within.  (Or, it  could be an  all expenses  paid get away with two of your favorite people in all the world...just  because  He loves us all,  His  kids,  so much! :-L 




I could  not think  of a better song to end  this chapter.    Just the voice that God has bestowed upon this new Christian artist  is miraculous and his heart is  so in love with Jesus, the one who directs every step of our life.    God bless you!

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