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I love this excerpt from a quote by J.K. Rowling. ~  “No story lives unless someone wants to listen.”


Rabbit Trails…Stories that venture off the path of our journey, but in the end, lead you to same place; THE INTIMACY AND LOVE OF THE FATHER HEART OF GOD!

Thank you all  for coming to our site and for taking the time to ‘listen.’ 


I am excited to say that I will be continuing the “RABBIT TRAILS” section on  Journey to My Fathers Heart Part Two…For those of you who are knew to the site, this  part of our website is dedicated to short stories, sharing many of the wondrous things God has done within our lives,  a long with life changing wisdom  He has bestowed to us,  not only on our journey, but in our individual lives as well.      In reading  these writings, I pray your faith will be encouraged, your hearts stirred and your spirits inspired to believe in the impossible, for with the Lord, All things are possible!

You can find these short stories on the menu bar, (by clicking the RABBIT TRAILS icon,) beneath the ongoing chapters of Journey to my fathers heart. Enjoy!

Currently, there are five stories you may want to ‘HOP OVER” and take a look at;

1.Commotion dressed in COMFORTS clothing.  ” A short story about waiting to receive the comforts of the Lord that He promises us in times of trouble and anxiety, or choosing to take matters into your own hands and trying to bring about your own comforts…. I’ve learned first hand, to wait for Gods consolation ! :-OS

2. “Forever Yours, HOPE ”   A story about the grace and love of God and how He prepared me to “let go” when He was taking my mom and best friend home to be with Him.  As He changed my perspective and bestowed upon me  such an overflow of His  Grace, He made what seemed impossible, possible.

3. “Our Carolina Bug Story.” Comical now, (yet at the time, not so funny,) a short story about my husbands and my time where we had a “season” of unwelcomed  daunting house guests…Gods grace and overcoming strength gave Kit and I new ‘spiritual muscles.’ :-OS

4. “The prayers of a Virtuous mom, REALLY WORK!” An  inspirational  short story about a summer within my life, (when I was  20 years old,)  that the Lord used my mom, her prayers, love and support to rescue me from a catastrophe waiting to happen… (Well, I guess it was already happening, so perhaps I should say, before it got worse!)   :-OS

5. “God is always right on time.” This chapter has 4 short stories within it, reflecting upon Gods perfect timing within our lives. They are real stories , whether within my life or the lives of others close to me, that will give you “Goosie-bumps” in seeing first hand how God can never be late, or to early, but is always and always will be “right on time.’ ENJOY!

Each Rabbit Trails story will have the two adorable bunnies, ( giving a high-five) at the top of the page. :-OS

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Thank you for coming to the site and may God bless you richly! Susan, Kit and Grantham